Eat spit from my sweaty feet! [1080p HD]

I hate when my fucktoy misbehaves! I told him to do grocery shopping for me but he refused because he insisted I stroked his cock while he smelled my young feet first. I had to PUNISH HIM. I immediately ordered him to lay on the cold hard floor and started grinding my juicy pussy all over his helpless face. Then I began to spit all over my sweaty feet and rubbed them on his face. While I was smearing my spit on his face I noticed that his cock was getting harder and harder. He was getting horny and I was getting aroused. I couldn’t resist, I began to milk his rock hard dick with my hands while rubbing my saliva smothered soles all over his face. I wasn’t mad at him anymore. All I wanted was healthy warm cum. After a few minutes he moaned loudly and blew a huge gooey cumshot all over my wet soles. I was impressed… It was a huge cumshot! 😉

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Length: 12 minutes
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