I’m in love with my sister’s feet [1080p HD]

I visited my sister today and we went shopping together. It was very hot, so I decided to wear my stinky worn flip flops. My petite young feet quickly got dirty and very sweaty. My sister was also wearing flip flops and I stared at her sweet perfect feet a lot. We had a great time together. On my way home I was thinking about her beautiful feet all the time. When I got to my house I was very horny. I took off my flip flops and as usual took a big whiff of my sweaty feet. My young pussy got wet instantly, so I sat on the floor and started inhaling my smelly flip flops and sweaty toes while imagining my sister’s perfect feet. The smell of my stinky worn flip flops and sweaty young feet quickly filled up whole room. It made me incredibly horny, so I started rubbing my pulsing cit while sucking my dirty stinky toes and licking my smelly soles. They tasted amazing and my pussy was leaking juices like crazy. I started rubbing my horny tight pussy faster and harder. After a few minutes I had one of the best orgasms. I came incredibly hard and licked all the tasty pussy juices from my fingers. I love my sister’s feet. 😉

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Length: 9 minutes
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