Smell my slippers [1080p HD]

I was sleeping all day after work. When I woke up I was very hungry but thankfully my fucktoy prepared a nice meal for me. It was a bit cold, especially in my feet, so I decided to wear my stinky warm slippers. While I was eating I noticed that my fucktoy is staring at my petite feet. I knew what he wanted and I wanted to reward him for cooking a delicious meal. When I finished eating I ordered him to lay on the floor. Then I smothered his face with my smelly feet and forced him to inhale the intoxicating aroma of my sweaty soles and stinky slippers. His cock grew to huge sizes in seconds. I knew that jizz was boiling in his balls already, so I grabbed his horny boner with my hands and started milking it. It didn’t take me long to make him cum, and he filled my stinky worn slippers with warm juicy load. I love wearing my cummy slippers. 😉

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Length: 13 minutes
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