Fresh cum in my flats! [Full HD]

I was resting in my room after a hard day’s work while chatting on Facebook with my fucktoy. When I told him that my feet stank, my fucktoy out of nowhere just logged out of Facebook and appeared in my house in minutes. He immediately pulled out his hard cock and began to sniff and fuck my feet and the flats which I had been wearing all day. I told him to stop, but he didn’t want to listen to me, so I gave up fighting with him and just chatted with my sister. After a few minutes, my fucktoy moaned loudly and blew a huge gooey load straight into my flats after which he left my apartment without saying a word. And to think about it, I wasn’t angry at him at all. I quickly put on my cum filled flats and went out to meet my sister. I love the feeling when warm sperm sinks into my feet. 😉

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Length: 14 minutes
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