Inhale my stinky feet! [Full HD]

Yesterday I invited my friend Kamila to a film marathon just because I was very horny and I wanted to have some fun. However, Kamila explained to me that she was too tired and busy. I was saddened so much so that I decided I needed to punish her. On the second day I called her in the morning and asked if she wanted to go for a jog. Kamila agreed, so we went for a long jog. Upon returning home, my feet stank bad. Which I decided to use against Kamila. I ordered her to lie down on the floor and then I tied her arms and legs and laced her mouth shut with duct tape. Then I undressed and started to masturbate, while forcing Kamila to sniff my extremely stinky feet and wet sweaty ankle socks. After a few moments I lowered her thong and tortured her tight pussy with my vibrator. The aroma of my sweaty feet brought Kamila to madness, and as soon as she was close to cumming, I stopped using the vibrator. I tortured her for so long, knowing that she is dreaming of finally cumming and tasting my feet. Finally, I took pity over her. I grabbed my vibrator and quickly began to ride her wet pussy until she finally came. I as well experienced an amazing orgasm and I was no longer angry at Kamila last night! 😉

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Length: 13 minutes
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