Smell and lick my sweaty feet! [Full HD]

Yesterday after Marta’s visit, I noticed that one of my worn pantyhose disappeared. I knew she had stolen them, so I called her and told her to confess. Marta confessed that she could not resist and took them home. She apologized to me and asked for my forgiveness, but I felt I had to punish her. So I went for a run in the evening, so that my feet would get an intensive aroma. Then when they were extremely stinky I called Marta and ordered her to come over. As soon as she appeared in my house, I tied her arms, legs and ordered her to lick and sniff my smelly feet and stinky ped socks, while torturing her pussy with my vibrator. Marta was very obedient, licking my stinky feet very carefully. After a few minutes, she asked me to untie her. I wasn’t angry at her anymore, so I fulfilled her request. Marta immediately grabbed my vibrator and began to put it deep into her tight pussy while continuing to lick my sweaty feet clean. The taste and intoxicating aroma of my sweaty feet led Marta to a crazy hard orgasm! 😉

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Length: 12 minutes
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