Smell my sweaty feet and cum in my socks! [Full HD]

Today I went to the gym and I had a very intensive training session. When I got back home I found my fucktoy waiting for me in my room. He instantly started begging me to jerk him off. I owed him a reward for taking care of my house while I was away, so I agreed. I layed him on my bed, took off my stinky sneakers and started grinding my pussy all over his face. Then I grabbed his cock in my hands and started milking it while forcing him to inhale my extremely sweaty socks and stinky sneakers. The intoxicating aroma of my sweaty feet made him extremely horny and his cock was harder than a rock. He couldn’t resist cumming for a long time and after a few minutes he begged me to finish. He filled my smelly socks with his warm jizz. I love wearing cum soaked socks! 😉

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Length: 13 minutes
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