The intoxicating aroma of my slippers [1080p HD]

My slippers smelled heavenly today! The aroma was turning me on, so I called my friend Anna and invited her to my house. When she arrived I lured her into my room and ordered her to lay down on the floor. Then I sat above her and smothered her face with my stinky slipper. She breathed in the aroma of my sweaty feet and started rubbing her crotch. I knew that her pussy was wet already, so I told her to take off her clothes and gave her my favourite vibrator. She immediately undressed and we started masturbating while Anna was smelling my stinky slippers and sucking my toes. She couldn’t resist the intoxicating aroma of my feet for a long time and after a few minutes she came all over my vibrator. I love playing with my new footgirl. 😉

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Length: 10 minutes
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