Tongue massage for my feet [Full HD]

After a hard day of work, the only thing I dreamed of was to have someone massage my tired feet with their tongue. So I made a phone call to Kamila and asked her if she would like to taste my sweaty feet. Of course Kamila agreed and within a few or so minutes she appeared in my house. I sat on the chair, Kamila knelt down in front of my  stinky feet and then I started to put my heels in her mouth until her tight pussy got wet. I knew she couldn’t wait any longer, so after a bit I ordered her to strip down and lick my sweaty feet. Kamila immediately laid down under my feet and started to lick my sweaty soles and suck my stinky toes with passion. It felt so wonderful! And of course Kamila masturbated while licking feet, and after a few minutes she moaned very loudly and her fingers were covered in her juices from her horny pussy. Kamila gives amazing foot massages! 😉

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Length: 12 minutes
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