I want you to cum on my stinky socks! – 1080p HD

I came back from my morning run and my feet were very sore and sweaty. The aroma turned me on, so I called my fucktoy and told him to come over. As usual, he arrived in a few minutes. I immediately layed him on the couch and told him to close his eyes. Then I slowly took off my stinky sneakers and smothered his face with my sweaty socked feet. The intoxicating aroma of my sweaty feet and stinky worn socks made him extremely horny and his cock got rock hard within seconds. I had no choice but to milk him! I quickly grabbed his throbbing cock in my hands and started milking him while forcing him to smell my wet with sweat socks. He couldn’t resist cumming for a long time and begged me to finish after a few minutes. He showered my stinky socks with hot gooey cum. Of course I wore them till the end of the day to let the healthy cum soak into my young feet. I love the feeling of fresh warm cum soaking into my young feet. 😉

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Length: 12 minutes
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