The wonderful aroma of my worn slippers – 1080p HD

I went shopping with my friends after work today. When I returned home I was exhausted and my young feet were aching. All I wanted was some sleep. I quickly hopped into my comfy slippers, did my chores and then went to take a nap. When I woke up I instantly realized that my room smells like my sweaty feet and worn slippers. It made me horny! I couldn’t resist, I quickly grabbed my slippers and inhaled the scent deeply. They smelled wonderful! I could feel my tight pussy getting wet and ready for some action, so I began rubbing my pulsing clit. After a while I was extremely horny and my tight pussy was leaking juices all over my hands. I decided it was time to pull out my toys, so I grabbed my big pink vibrator and started furiously rubbing it on my wet young pussy while smelling my worn slippers and sucking my stinky toes. The scent of my sweaty feet and stinky slippers was driving me crazy and I couldn’t stop masturbating. I moaned a lot and came very hard all over my hands! I love the aroma of my slippers! 😉

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Length: 11 minutes
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