You can lick my sweaty feet! – 1080p HD

I came back from a party and found my fucktoy waiting for me in my room. He instantly started begging me to let him worship my sweaty sore feet. I agreed because my sweaty feet definitely needed a good licking and I love having my toes sucked! He immediately took off my worn flats that were filled with sweat and took a big whiff. Then he started licking my soles and sucking my stinky toes. It felt incredible and my pussy began getting wet! I couldn’t resist, I took off my damp panties and started stroking my pulsing clit while he was licking my dirty sweaty feet clean. After a few minutes I was extremely horny, so I ordered my fucktoy to lick my wet pussy. He made me cum very fast and hard! I love having my toes sucked. 😉

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Length: 11 minutes
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