Your punishment is foot worship! – 1080p HD

I had a very hard day at work and my feet were aching, so I called my fucktoy and asked him for a foot rub. He agreed and told me that he will at my house in 10 minutes. When more than half an hour passed and he was still not there, I started getting frustrated. When he finnaly arrived I told him that he has to be punished for wasting my time because I hate waiting. I ordered him to lay beneath my stinky feet and then started choking him with my heels. While I was pushing my heels deep into his mouth I noticed that his cock was pulsing and he started jerking off. He was horny as hell. I decided to take off my smelly worn sandals and ordered him to suck my stinky toes and tongue massage my sweaty sore soles. He was licking my stinky petite feet very precisely and I was getting aroused. After a while I totally forgot about his punishment and grabbed his horny throbbing cock in my hands and started milking it while forcing him to inhale the intoxicating aroma of my sore feet. He moaned and begged me to finish, so I jerked him off into my sandals. I love wearing cum 😉

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Length: 11 minutes
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