Hot cum on my dirty soles – 1080p HD

I spent last night partying with my friends. I danced all night long and had lots of fun! When I got home in the morning I immediately took off my stinky flats and took a big whiff of my dirty sweaty feet. The aroma made me horny! I wanted fresh warm cum on my dirty sweaty feet really badly, but I had to clean my house first, so I called my fucktoy and told him to come over. As usual, he arrived in a few minutes and we started cleaning my house. Of course I was barefoot all the time and I teased him hard until we finished cleaning. When everything was perfectly clean my fucktoy asked me for a footjob as a reward for his hard work. I wanted to feel hot cum on my feet anyways, so I agreed! I immediately layed him on my bed and started sucking his already hard cock with a passion to lube it up for a footjob. When his dick was hard and ready I grabbed it between my dirty stinky feet and started giving him a footjob. I milked him fast and hard until he showered my dirty soles with hot gooey cum. I love having cum on my young feet! 😉

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