Taste my sweaty feet! – 1080p HD

It was Sara’s birthday today! We went out for a dinner and after that we went shopping! When we returned to my house we were very tired and my feet were very sweaty. I decided to surprise Sara with a very nice present! I told her to undress and lay down on the floor. Then I slowly took off my stinky sneakers and gave them to Sara to smell. The intoxicating aroma of my sweaty feet made her extremely horny and she started licking my sweaty soles and sucking my stinky toes. It felt amazing and my young pussy started getting wet very fast. I couldn’t resist, I quickly took off my clothes and began to masturbate while Sara was worshipping my super stinky feet. We moaned very loud and after a few minutes we had amazing orgasms! 😉

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Length: 11 minutes
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