Lick my sweaty feet! – 1080p HD

Today I went for a bike ride with my footgirl Lena. We rode many kilometers and had lots of fun. I was wearing sneakers without socks on, and after a few hours of riding my feet got very sweaty! When we finally got back to my house Lena asked me if she could lick my sweaty feet clean. I love having my feet licked, so I agreed! I immediately laid her down on the floor, took off my stinky worn sneakers and smothered her face with my sweaty feet. The aroma made her extremely horny, she quickly undressed and started masturbating while licking my sweaty soles and sucking my stinky toes. Her tongue massage felt amazing and my pussy started getting wet very fast. After a while I couldn’t resist, I took off my panties and began stroking my pulsing clit while Lena was licking my stinky feet clean. I moaned a lot and after a few minutes I had an amazing orgasm. Lena also had an amazing orgasm, licking and sucking my sweaty feet. I love having my toes sucked! 😉

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