I love Iza’s feet – 1080p HD

My footgirl Iza called me this morning and invited me for a bike ride. It was beautiful outside, so I agreed. We rode for many hours and had a great time. When we finally got back to my house and took off our shoes the wonderful aroma of sweaty young feet instantly filled whole room. It made our pussies wet, so we quickly undressed and started masturbating while inhaling the intense aroma of our sweaty young feet and stinky nylon socks. The scent made us extremely horny and after a while we started licking eachother’s feet. It felt amazing! Iza’s feet were delicious and their scent was driving me wild! After a few minutes I moaned loudly and had a crazy hard orgasm. Iza came right after me. 😉

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Length: 12 minutes
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