Smell and lick my sweaty feet – 1080p HD

After a hard day of work, the only thing I dreamed of was to have someone to massage my sore feet with their tongue. So I called my footgirl Ada and asked her if she would like to lick my sweaty feet clean and of course she agreed. As soon as she appread in my house, I sat her on the couch and smothered her face with my sweaty socked feet. Ada took a deep breath and moaned loudly. She quickly undressed and started masturbating while licking my sweaty soles and sucking my stinky toes. It felt amazing! I decided to reward her for this wonderful massage, so I grabbed my vibrator and started rubbing it on her horny wet pussy. Ada started to moan very loud while licking and sniffing my sweaty feet and after a few minutes she had a crazy hard orgasm. I love her foot massages! 😉

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Length: 10 minutes
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