Lick my sweaty feet clean! – 1080p HD

I had the day off work today, so I called my friend Iga to hang out. We went shopping and following that we went to the movies. We had a great time together and my feet got very sweaty! When we finally got back to my house Iga asked me if she could lick my sweaty feet clean. I love having my feet licked, so of course I agreed! I quickly sat down on the couch, and she kneeled infront of my sweaty feet and began to lick them while I was relaxing and chatting on the phone with my sister. It felt wonderful! The taste and aroma made her pussy wet, and after a while she pulled up her dress and started masturbating. She moaned very loud while licking and sucking my stinky sweaty feet, and after a few minutes she had an incredibly loud orgasm! 😉

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