Cum on my sweaty socks! [Full HD]

Today I went shopping in search of new shoes. When I finally got home, my young feet were very sweaty. I decided to invite my fucktoy because the aroma of my sweaty feet was turning me on, and I like to share. As usual, he arrived in a few minutes with a big pulsing bulge in his pants. I immediately ordered him to lay on the couch and relax. Then I took off my stinky worn sneakers and the smell of my sweaty feet quickly filled whole room. The aroma of my sweaty feet made him extremely horny and his luscious cock got rock hard almost instantly. I quickly grabbed his horny cock in my hands and started milking him while forcing him to smell my wet with sweat socks and smelly sneakers. He couldn’t resist the intoxicating aroma of my feet for a long time and he begged me to finish after a few minutes. I made him cum on my stinky socks, so I could wear and let the healthy cum soak into my young feet. 😉
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