Cum shower for my worn slippers [HD]

Sometimes I just want to relax and catch up with friends, the only problem is if my fucktoy is around he won’t leave me alone! Today was no different, he came in as I was chatting on facebook with my friends and insisted to fuck my soft young feet. He begged me for a footjob but I was too tired and I wasn’t in the mood but admired his effort, so it was no surprise to me that while I was ignoring him chatting on facebook I felt his dick start to fuck my wet with sweat feet. I kept ignoring him as he started to jerk off with my stinky worn slippers too, and I knew he was bound to cum soon. I could hear him breathing heavy, and finally he let out a sigh of relief, but I felt no cum on my young soles… It was in my smelly slippers this time! He handed me the slippers to show me what he has done, and I made sure to show you guys what he did to my stinky worn slippers. Naughty footboy! I had to go but with nothing else to wear I had no choice but to wear my cum filled slippers. I can’t say I minded, I love the feeling of fresh warm cum soaking into my young feet. 😉
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