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I did some quick shopping today. I was planning to buy one thing today, but I could not find it. I walked all day, and I was upset so I called my fucktoy so he could cheer me up. When we met at my house, I immediately laid him on the bed and took off my sweaty ballerinas. The intoxicating aroma of my sweaty feet and stinky worn ballerinas quickly filled the whole room. The cock of my fucktoy was already hard, so I put my sweaty feet on his face and started to jerk him off. Fucktoy could not resist the aroma of my sweaty young feet and after a few minutes he stretched his tongue out and began to lick my stinky soles and toes. The aroma of my worn ballerinas caused that I had to smell them myself, which excited me very much. I put his big throbbing cock in my mouth and started to suck on it in order to intensify his ejaculation. After a few minutes my fucktoy moaned and shot his load straight into my sweaty ballerinas. This day was really great! 😉

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