Hot cum in my worn nylons [Full HD]

I’ve been partying all night last night. When I finally got back home I took a whiff of my sweaty feet in stinky tan nylons and they smelled heavenly! The aroma turned me on, so I called my fucktoy and invited him to come over. As usual he arrived in a few minutes. I immediately ordered him to lay on my bed and inhale the intoxicating aroma of my sweaty nyloned feet and stinky worn ballerinas. His cock got rock hard within seconds! I knew that jizz was boiling in his balls already, so I started milking him using my hands. After a few minutes he moaned loudly and I realized that he is about to cum. I quickly put my stinky tan nylons on his horny cock and jerked him off into them. He filled my stinky nylons with loads of hot cum. Of course I wore them till the end of the day to let the healthy cum soak into my soft young feet. 😉
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