I love my friend and her yummy feet! [Full HD]

I got a day off work, so I called my friend Bambi to hang out. We went to the movies and after that we went to a restaurant and had a fabulous dinner. When we finally got back home and took off our flats the intoxicating aroma of our sweaty feet and worn nylon socks slowly started filling up my room. It turned me on. After a few minutes I couldn’t resist the aroma, I grabbed her feet and started inhaling the scent. They smelled heavenly! I asked Bambi if she wanted to play and she agreed. We quickly took off our panties and started stroking our pulsing clits while smelling eachother’s feet in stinky nylon socks. The heavenly aroma of Bambi’s sweaty feet and stinky socks made me incredibly horny and after a while I started licking her sweaty soles and stinky toes. Her feet were very soft today and tasted incredible! After a few minutes I moaned loudly and came all over my hands. Bambi came right after me. I love my friend and her yummy stinky feet. 😉
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