Inhale my sweaty feet and eat my toe jam! [Full HD]

I came back from my morning run and caught my fucktoy sniffing my panties in my room. I had to punish him! I immediately laid him down on the couch and ordered him to lick and forced him to inhale my sweaty feet. My fucktoy was very obedient and he did what I ordered him to do. He licked my sweaty feet very precisely and ate all the salty sweaty and toejam in between my toes. After a ew minutes, I noticed that my fucktoy’s dick began to grow in his pants. I wasn’t angry at him anymore, so I took off his pants and started milking his cock while forcing him to inhale my extremely stinky feet and dirty ped socks. When he was about to cum, I grabbed his throbing cock in order to not waste his cum and made him blow his load into my stinky worn sneakers. He filled my shoes with loads of hot cum, which made me very happy. 😉
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