Kamila’s delicious feet and stinky flip flops [Full HD]

The weather was beautiful today, so I went to the beach with my friend Kamila. We had lots of fun! After the beach we decided to go shopping. My friend Kamila was wearing sexy flip flops and her toes were pedicured. I stared at her pretty feet all the time and I imagined how wonderful they must smell. When we finally got back home I asked Kamila if I could smell her flip flops and of course she agreed! We sat on the floor, Kamila took off her flip flops and gave it to me to smell. They smelled heavenly! It started getting hot very in the room, so we quickly took off our clothes and started stroking our pulsing clits, licking eachother’s feet and sniffing our stinky worn flip flops. We moaned a lot and after a few minutes we had crazy hard orgasms! 😉
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