Lick our sweaty feet! [Full HD]

My friend Kamila called me this morning and invited me for a bike ride. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I agreed. We rode many hours and upon returning home, our feet were very sore and sweaty. So, we decided to invite our common friend Marta to lick them clean. Marta told me over the phone that she was thinking about my feet all day, and that she is more than willing to take care of them. As soon as she appeared in my house, we quickly laid down on our bellies and Marta started to clean our extremely sweaty feet with her tongue. She licked them long and with passion, licking the salty sweat between our toes and soles. It excited us very much, so we quickly undressed and started to masturbate while our friend continued to massage our stinky feet with her tongue. The agile and talented tongue of Marta made us moan, moan very loud and our horny pussies were beyond wet. It didn’t take long for Marta to bring Kamila and I to a wonderful orgasm. We love her tongue massages! 😉
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