My tasty feet! [Full HD]

Today I got a day off work, so I went to a beauty salon and got a new pedicure and manicure. When I came back home I was very horny, because I always get turned on when I’m getting a new pedicure in a beauty salon. I quickly sat on the couch, took off my high heels and took a big whiff of my sweaty feet. They smelled heavenly! I wanted to know how my freshly pedicured toes taste, so I started sucking them. It made me extremely horny and my tight pussy started getting wet. I quickly took off my clothes and started playing with my young juicy pussy while smelling my feet and sucking my toes. It felt incredible! My horny pussy was leaking juices like crazy and after a few minutes I moaned loudly and had an incredibly hard orgasm. 😉
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