Smell my stinky nylon socks! – 1080p HD

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After returning from an all-night party, the smell of my sweaty feet and nylon socks quickly filled up my apartment. It turned me on, so I called my footboy and invited him over to my place. As soon as he came to my house, I put him on the couch, took off my ballerinas and I started forcing him to sniff my sweaty feet in stinky nylon socks. His cock was hard in a few seconds, so I grabbed it in my hands and started jerking him. The aroma of my young feet made his dick hard as a rock and after a few minutes he began to suck my stinky toes and lick my sweaty feet. I liked his tongue massage, so I started sucking his tasty hard cock. It didn’t take me too long to make him cum. After a few minutes his horny throbbing dick filled my stinky nylon socks with a huge amount of hot milky cum. 😉

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