Smell my worn fuzzy socks! [Full HD]

I had to clean my house today, so I called my fucktoy and asked him for help. As always, he agreed. He arrived in a few minutes and we started cleaning my house. I was wearing my stinky pink fuzzy socks and I teased him a lot. When we finished cleaning I noticed a big pulsing bulge in my fucktoy’s pants. I knew what he wanted! I immediately ordered him to sit on the couch and relax. Then I smothered his face with my sweaty feet in stinky fuzzy socks! He moaned and his cock started growing very quickly. I knew that jizz was boiling in his big balls already, so I grabbed his cock in my hands and started milking it. The scent of my worn fuzzy socks made him extremely horny and after a while he started licking my sweaty soles and sucking my stinky toes. It felt incredible! I really liked his tongue massage, so I showed him my perky tits as a reward. The view of my young boobs and the intoxicating aroma of my sweaty feet made him cum very fast. He filled my stinky socks with warm sperm, and I wore them till the end of the day to let the healthy cum soak into my soft soles. 😉
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