My tasty sweaty feet [Full HD]

Today I went for a bike ride with my friend Marta. We rode many kilometers and when we finally got back home I was very tired, so I decided to relax and check my Facebook. While I was chatting with my sister on Facebook, Marta walked into my room and offered me a foot massage which I gladly accepted. I was very happy because my feet were very sore and I love her foot massages! Marta immediately sat next to my stinky feet and started massaging  them with her tongue. The vinegary aroma of my extremely sweaty feet made her pussy wet and after a while she took off her panties and started masturbating while licking my stinky feet. She licked them passionately and with precision, licking all sweat between my stinky toes. The scent of my sweaty feet was driving her wild and after a few minutes she sat on my feet and started grinding her pussy all over them until she came. I lover her foot massages! 😉
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